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Choose sling according to material?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The suspender will be purchased pertinently when purchasing it. Because the material of the sling is different, the performance is different and the use environment is different, so the sling can be divided into polyester (PES polyester), polypropylene (PP polypropylene), nylon (PA: polyamide, nylon), denima (DuPont silk), etc. Polyester and polypropylene are common in the market now. The common color flat sling and flexible sling in daily life are one of polyester.

Different manufacturing processes will be made into different types of suspenders, such as: circular flat sling and double buckle flat sling are made by weaving machine to make industrial filament at one time. Flexible sling is made of industrial filament in circular form by endless circle, and the outer part is protected by industrial silk woven into an unbreakable casing.

Although polyester can resist most inorganic acids but not alkali resistant, polypropylene sling can meet this point, polypropylene is almost free from acid and alkali erosion. Because of poor chromatogram, the later stage can not be colored by high temperature dyeing machine, so the white sling we can see generally is made of polypropylene. Nylon is a synthetic fiber material developed by DuPont company of the United States. However, because the price of nylon industrial filament is about twice higher than that of polyester industrial filament, its price performance is low, so the sling of this material is not common in the market.

The last is the denima sling (dubens). Dinima (DuPont) is the same kind of industrial silk made of UHMWPE. They are only made by different companies, so they are called different. The weight of the sling made of this kind of industrial wire is one quarter of the weight of the ordinary sling, and the diameter is one-half of the ordinary sling. Although the raw material has good performance, the price is more than 10 times of the ordinary raw material.



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