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Development of container bags

2020-11-20 09:49:09

It is mainly filled with massive, granular or powdery articles, and the physical density and loose degree of the contents have different effects on the overall results. As for the basis for determining the function of container bags, the products to be loaded close to customers should be used for experiments as far as possible. This is the "standard filling material for experiments" written in the specification, so as to make the technical specification meet the challenge of market economy as far as possible.

Generally speaking, there is no problem with the container bag after lifting test. If the bags really fall down during the hoisting of ports, railways and trucks, there are only two conditions: one is the wrong operation, the other is that the container bags fail to pass the lifting test.

For the container bags with more than 5 times safety factor, two or one of the four rings must have the pulling force function of more than two and a half times the rated load. Even if the two belts are disconnected, the container bags will not have any problems.

Container bag products are widely used, especially the powder and granular materials such as cement, grain, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, mineral, and even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide, which are packed in bulk, are very convenient for loading, unloading, transportation and storage. Container bag products are in the rising stage of development, especially the one ton container bag and pallet container bag (one pallet for one container bag or four containers) are more and more popular.

There is a container bag made of multi-layer composite material, which can pack dangerous goods such as calcium carbide. The capacity of the bag is one ton. The bag body is composed of outer, middle and inner layers. The outer bag is made of composite film, the inner bag is made of polyethylene film, and the middle bag is made of four to five layers of special composite materials suitable for packing calcium carbide. This kind of container bag has better sealing property, higher strength and lower cost. Compared with the traditional iron bucket packaging, it reduces the transportation cost by more than 10%, and the loss of powder is only one tenth. The economic benefit is greatly improved.

The application scope of container bags in China is expanding, and the export of special use container bags such as calcium carbide and mineral products is also increasing. Therefore, the market demand potential of container bag products is very large, and the development prospect is very broad.



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