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Aging of container bags and ton bags

2021-03-24 09:56:06

On the aging problem of plastic container bags: in the natural environment, that is, under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of plastic container bags will be reduced to 25% after one week, and 40% after two weeks, so they can't be used any more. That is to say, the storage of plastic container bags is very important.

Plastic container bags are made of polyethylene and polypropylene by drawing, knitting, sewing or pasting, and the loading weight is generally 25-50kg. Because of its good tensile strength, low price and convenient transportation, it is widely used in the packaging of cement, chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizer, mineral resources, grain, sugar and other powder materials. In recent years, this kind of plastic container packaging is increasing year by year.

In addition, after the cement is packed in plastic container bags, it will be exposed to direct sunlight in the open air, which will accelerate the decline of its strength; in the process of storage and transportation, too high temperature (container transportation) or rain will also lead to the decline of its strength, which can not meet the quality requirements of protecting the contents. Therefore, the transportation and storage conditions of plastic container bags are very important. Therefore, both GB / t8946 and GB / t8947 clearly stipulate the storage and transportation conditions, that is, the plastic container bags should be stored in a cool and clean room. During transportation, the sun and rain should be avoided and should not be close to the heat source. The storage period should not exceed 18 months. In fact, the plastic container bags may be aged within 18 months, so the validity period of plastic container bags should be shortened, and 12 months should be the best.

On the problem of recycled materials of plastic container bags, in order to ensure the packaging quality of plastic container bags, great attention should be paid to the aging problem of plastic container bags.

For this reason, the national competent department of building materials industry once required that the recycled materials and recycled materials should not be allowed in the raw materials of plastic container bags, the amount of filler should be strictly limited to no more than 5%, and the laminating temperature should be strictly controlled to avoid the problem of accelerating the aging of plastic container bags due to technological problems. The excessive addition of recycled materials is also one of the reasons for the aging of plastic container bags.


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