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So how to choose the container bag and the ton bag

2021-03-24 10:03:06

Nowadays, in the transportation of goods, ton bags and container bags are more and more widely used by us, but there are many kinds of container bags and ton bags in the market, and the standards, types and quality are even better and worse. Product features and precautions of T-Bag, container bag and T-Bag how to choose container bag and T-Bag?

We explain below: ton bag is a suitable title for the container bag used in the packaging and transportation of large-scale goods. Due to the need for packaging, carrying material quantity and weight of ton bags are very high, the requirements for the size and quality of ton bags are far higher than the general packaging bags. In order to achieve this quality, we must ensure that the production of ton bags is advanced, scientific and strict.

According to the application requirements of ton bags, the production requirements of ton bags include: the product characteristics and precautions of ton bags, container bags and ton bags, that is, material selection. The material selection of container bags and ton bags should use high-quality fiber materials. The weaving density and toughness of ton bags should meet the requirements of holding and lifting of ton heavy objects. The production materials and production process should pay attention to environmental protection.

The precautions of ton bag include: pay attention to safety when using ton bag, on the one hand, pay attention to the life safety of operators, do not carry out any dangerous operation. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the quality of the ton bags and the items packed in the ton bags. We should not drag, rub, shake and hang the ton bags violently. We should pay attention to the preservation and warehousing of the ton bags. We should be airtight and airtight, and there should be proper package maintenance on the outside.

The above is about the choice of container bags and ton bags to give advice, I think we have more or less and have a certain understanding, to consult and learn more, please pay attention to our official website.


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