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Characteristics of container bags

2021-03-24 10:12:52

The container is a soft and foldable container for large-scale soft packaging transportation. It is a new form of collection packaging, and its main characteristics are as follows:

1. the most suitable for shipment of powder and grain commodities

The best way to transport powder and grain products is the starch, cereal powder, salt, sugar, fertilizer, chemical raw materials, feed and cement. It is a revolution in the packing and transportation methods of powder and grain commodities, which is a trend to replace the traditional paper bags and plastic bags of powdered goods, and is conducive to promoting the standardization, serialization and standardization of the packaging of powder and granular goods.

2. simple structure and large loading capacity

Bag packaging, easy to sew and process, simple structure, large loading and unloading capacity, generally can accommodate 0.5-2 tons of goods, up to 3 tons of goods, a polypropylene woven bag with a weight of only 2.3kg can hold 1 ton of goods.

3. easy to use, easy to turn around and recycle

Plastic bags or woven chemical fiber bags can be washed, which is conducive to recycling and recycling, and the turnover times can be as high as 20 times.

4. save costs and reduce transportation costs

The packing materials and packaging costs are saved by the container bag. Compared with the traditional packaging, the packing cost should be reduced by 45%. Because of the simple loading and unloading and transportation, it is conducive to reduce the transportation cost.

5. easy to store and maintain

Coating in the container can increase the commodity protection and the interchangeability of the packaging, and facilitate the storage and maintenance of the powder and grain packaging.


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